Sunday, January 30, 2011

The cool kids are doing it.

Well let's see, everyone is always asking me for my opinion on stuff; and, god only knows I've got a lot of opinions so what better way to share all that I have to say than guessed it.  A blog! lol

I'm going to be honest with you right from the get go, this blog will have spelling and gramatical errors in it.  There will be some stuff written that you may agree with and probably a lot of other stuff that you will not, but one thing is certain this blog will be 100%  HONEST!

My mother used to always say...ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies.  We used to laugh at her as kids but it's so true!  There are too many people in this world that ask questions only looking to hear what they want.  Not me!  Hope you enjoy reading my blog I will do my best to keep the topics fun. 

By for now (BFN)


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