Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Are What You Use...

So a friend of mine Jan was talking the other day about chemicals in baby's products and that got me thinking about the products I use for my daughter Willow.  I was directed to the Cosmetic Database and boy were my eyes opened. ***Note for fun try looking up some of your most used items just to see where they fall***

It is funny how giving birth to a child really changes your perspective on things.  Before having Willow I could really care less about most of the products in my house that I used day to day.  If it smelt nice, cost less, and worked right that was the purchase indicator in my books.  Like really why pay more right?  But now having a child, I realize that it's not about me, and like most parents I want the best for my child and that includes buying products that in the long run will give her the best chance at having a relatively healthy life.  I mean it seems like Cancer rates have increased over the years, and not for nothing (I'm sure there are many reasons that could be used to explain why) I would hate to think that some silly bath product I used everyday on Willow turned out 20 years from now to be a factor in some ailment she had.

Anyways,  I spent my early morning today packing up all Willow's bath and cream products to throw away (Those of you that know me...know how much it hurt me to pack up perfectly good products)..."Waste not want not" was what mommy used to say.. But in this case I just couldn't see myself giving something that I knew was not the best to someone else to use on their child...kinda like giving crack to another addict so you don't smoke it yourself if you know what I mean. So in the trash went the goods and out the door a shopping I went!

I ended up picking up 2 products that had passed the cosmetic database test, and after using them tonight i wanted to give my initial reviews. 
Product number 1: Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash 

I opted to get the fragrance free as opposed to the scented one and I must say for a non-fragrance product the aroma was not to shabby.  Kinda smells like earthy honey (does that make sense?).  I poured 2 cap fulls in Willow's bath and it did not foam up much which I expected seeing as I know to get nice bubbles like in the bubble baths I used to have as a kid requires... you guessed it.  Chemicals. What did surprise me was when I poured a pea sized drop into Willow's hair how much it did soap up to really get her hair clean.  Now mind you the child's doesn't have much hair so really maybe I'm giving the product too much credit but I was pleasantly surprised so I have to point that out.  It also washed out very nicely out of her hair and on her body leaving no residue so all in all I am happy with this product.

Product number 2 : moisturizing baby lotion  by Live Clean.  Now I must say I am very familiar with this brand and the only reason i didn't by their body wash too was because they were sold out at the store.  I use their shampoo and conditioner for my own hair and I love that fact that they are not only eco friendly (using 98% plant ingredients in most of their products) but that they are also Canadian. (Kinda like supporting my country)
Now I LOVE this baby lotion.  A little bit goes a long way I used a quarter sized amount and I was able to do Willow's complete body.  The formula is not greasy and leaves no sticky residue as other creams do.  The scent is is nice too.  Light and like a baby lol.  I love the fact that I could pronounce a majority of the ingredients and the price point was not to bad for the size.
All in all I have now graduated into the organic baby product world and I'm happy to say I am what I use!




  1. I hear you loud and clear on the products nikki. From jibs bath stuff to my kitchen dish soap and in between, everything I use now requires thorough research to make sure I am aware and comfortable with the stuff it's made off. Hurray for babies opening up ones eyes ( and keeping them open) :-)

  2. I agree, once you have kids, it changes the way you think about the things that you use and give to them. Only Green is a company that I just was introduced to that has natural products for baby, cleaning, cosmetics, skin care, etc. And it's Canadian too!

  3. I am with you too! What have kids done to us? Now we're all responsible and stuff? :) I'm so glad you reviewed these products because I've been looking at the Live Clean Baby line for a while but it was so hard to sway from J&J - the old standby. TY!